Types of Sissies

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What Kind of sissy are you?

Not all sissies and fem boys will fit into a perfectly packaged box. But, there seems to be a good selection of different sissies that identify with either one type of femboy or another. Where do you fit in?

Panty Slut/Panty Lover

Sometimes you just LOVE panties. You are a naughty panty thief and just can’t wait for your place to empty so you can run to the drawers, pull them open and slide on that silky smooth fabric. You may not even THINK of yourself as a sissy. Maybe you just see yourself as a man with just a love of panties and you love to stroke those cocks while wearing them. There is nothing wrong with being a panty slut(unless of course you are a “macho man” that needs to be humiliated for his panty fetish.) In fact I enjoy those that Like my panties just as much as I do.

Sissy Girl

Some sissy and femboys KNOW that at the end of the day they still have dangling flesh between their legs. But others…don’t want to acknowledge it. You are a girl. You are a sissy girl. When you call up for sissy phone sex you are actually seeking more of lesbian phone sex experience. A mistress with an appetite for kinky sissy sex, and you…together we’d role around in bed wherein our lingerie, lipsticks and high heels. You Love getting mani-pedis and just ENJOY everything that is feminine and sexy. You could be a sissy girl seeking a mistress lover, or a sissy girl seeking a best friend—or best friend with benefits

Sissy Maid

Maybe you are aroused by the thought of having a girlfriend or wife that makes YOU stay home. Wearing NOTHING or wearing a humiliating maids uniform, doing chores, cleaning the house being a Sissy maid. Your job is to ensure your wife or girlfriend (or mistress) would not have to lift ONE finger when she came home. Often times sissy maids, are sissy husbands—that are cuckolded sissy husbands. Do you like doing house work? Being the house bitch?

Sissy Slut

Now these are naughty sissies. You KNOW you are a naughty sissy. You look at pornographic pictures of boys and girls…the girl sucking on a big fat cock, and you close your eyes picturing that YOU are that girl. Are you being forced to suck and fuck? Or are you willingly doing it?

These naughty sissy whores love to dress in the ‘sexy sleazy’ outfits, and be pimped out by their mistress. I’ve pimped out several sissy sluts…virtually and in my RT sessions. Glory holes seem to be like a candy store for sissy sluts. All the cock you could suck!

Adult Baby/Sissy Baby/Diaper Lover

Maybe you enjoy the younger side of being a girlyboy. You need training, diaper changes, nurturing and a mommy mistress to take care of your needs. Perhaps you genuinely LOVE the feel of padded bottoms and drinking a milk-like substance out of a bottle, or maybe you get enjoyment from diaper humiliation and training. I have a special place in my heart for all of my abbies, my darling sissy babies. I often feel you receive the short end of the shaft (not sure If PUN is intended or not ;) ). You have needs as well and its sometimes difficult to find a mistress that truly understands your fetish, your desires, your needs and wants. I truly understand. This is another specialty that I have engaged in over the phone and in my real time sessions. If you are seeking a mommy mistress for your adult baby, diaper lover needs—You can put your trust in Mistress Lillith.


Do you not like the titles of everything? Do you WANT to be a full fledge woman? Are you seeking a councilor to help talk to you and decide if it’s something for you, or to point you in the right direction of those that can help you with your transformation. Or maybe you just enjoy companionship from someone that doesn’t judge you.

Some other type of sissy?

Maybe you take a couple of things from each category to make you an amazing femboy, sissy girl, etc. You don’t have to have titles if you don’t like. I understand some view the term sissy as a negative thing and if you enjoy humiliation, then absolutely. But let’s face it, at the end of the day NO true fetishist fits into a nicely packaged box…so I try not to package you as well. My goal is to learn what makes you tick, what really excites you, what you REALLY want. From that I build your personalize sissy training camp training and who knows what you will blossom into from there.

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  1. i am a submissive sissy baby or little girl lesbian! I need the strong willed love of a woman who understands and won’t betray me

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